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Municipal Solid waste generated by humans are very complicated to treat and they take years to decades to disintegrate and decompose .
DVS offers MSW-365 targeted towards the decomposition of municipal solid waste.
MSW 365 - Assists in decomposing solid waste
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Millions of gallons of liquid waste is generated in urban  centres per day that require treatment before they are let out into the seas. However, liquid waste is highly toxic and can pollute the ground water if not treated properly
DVS offers a range of enzymatic and probiotic blends that can treat liquid waste safely and naturally
STP-24 - Provides accelerated degradation of
difficult to digest septic tank waste
WWTP-24 : Domestic & Industrial waste water treatment
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The market is flooded with odour masking agents that merely mask the repulsive and toxic odour generated by many processes such as decomposition or by degradation of organic matter. However odour masking agents do not neutralize the harmful toxicity of foul odour. 
DVS range of odour management products  works at the molecular level by using denitryfying bacteria and enzymes.
UREX - Urinal Odour eliminator and drain uric acid degrader
SMOKESHIELD : Biological toxic passive smoke binder.
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Given the current era we live in, evading or preventing pollution is almost next to impossible. 
However, pollution control by means of science and technology have become more prevalant. 
Our R&D to address some pollutants by use of bacteria and enzymes have yielded favourable results and can be employed at a very reasonable expense. 
From treating oil spills in oceans to controlling the Mono-oxide generated by fossil fuel engines. DVS range of products aims to assist the environment by use of novel microbes naturally and safely.
SPILLZAP : Biological Oil Spill Treatment
POLLUCARE : Binds harmful and obnoxious gases emitted from vehicle exhaust.
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Most households have embraced strong chemicals and detergents for all uses be it to keep stains out or to control algae in the water storage tanks. As the market is flooded with more such strong chemicals for daily use, we tend to forget the harsh effects these chemicals have on our body mind and the environment.
DVS range of microbial and enzymatic solutions provides consumers with an alternative biological solution to deal with common household issues.
The construction industry also uses many synthetic binders or mined minerals such as cement to provide stability to their building structure. DVS offers a microbial solution that binds solid particles together naturally with no harmful effects to the environment.
ALGACHECK-CTBiological algae Control (cooling tower)
BIOSTAINOUT : Biological stain removal agent
BUGPOWER-GTM : Biological fat, oil, and grease trap management.
CRACKOPEN : Silent Expansive Cracking Agent / Blasting alternative
DUST-O-MITE : Biological dust mite control
EVASTOP : Controls Water Evaporation Loss
FLYSHIELD : Household Fly Control
POOLKLEAN : Non toxic Pool cleaning solutions for spas, public and residential swimming pools.
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