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Bovines refers to cows and buffaloes. Milk production and meat consumption is growing  rapidly around the world. However, this rapid increase in demand has caused the industry to employ methods to improve yield that can be harmful to the environment and to the direct health of the consumer.
Most common methods used in the industry are to attain the following results.
1. Increased FCR for weight (Muscle) gain
2. Increased milk generation
3. Disease control using broad spectrum anti biotics
4. Improving lactation cycle year on year
Higher the demand, larger the supply.
Larger the supply, poorer is the attention given to wholesome nutrition value of end product.
DVS Biolife range of probiotic blends and feed fortification additives addresses these issues and provides a safer alternative to the farmer.
Our Flagship products inculde
1. BIOFOODFORT  - Addresses Trace mineral deficiencies
2. CALCI D3 - Treats Calcium deficiency that causes MILK FEVER during calving period
3. DOODHPLUS - Assists in increasing lactation capacity of milching animals 
4. MASTITISCARE - Addresses complications arising due to Mastitis
5. NANDIMIN - Mineral mixtures containing all essential minerals for proper growth 
6. PROGUT-Ru - Assists in Nutrient assimilation, metabolism and proper digestion
7. STIMULIV-Ru  - Assists in re-establishing proper liver functionality
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