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BUGPOWER_GTM  is a grease trap management solution that helps biologically degrade fats , oils and grease( FOG)  from drain pipes 
FOG’s from Sink, Dishwasher, Kitchen and other places where food is drained out enter the drains and when they solidify under low temperatures, they pose lot of problems including the blockage of the drain system and emanation of foul odours, high pollution in the waste waters affecting the ecology and result in  reduced efficiency of the sewage systems. Normally grease traps are used to control the FOG in the waste waters. These traps become clogged very often and needs frequent maintenance.
BUGPOWER_GTM reduces such frequency and a predominant reduction of the FOG in waste waters and as well as grease trap waste
How does it work?
Bacteria and fungi present in BUGPOWER_GTM, utilize (decompose) the FOG and other waste as their food.
This microbial population dies / gets inactivated after their food supply is exhausted and thus grease trap waste is biodegraded.
BUGPOWER_GTM is periodically injected into the connecting drainage pipe upstream of the trap.
The mixture of contaminated water and BUGPOWER_GTM flows into the trap through a sediment bucket. The sediment bucket removes any larger particles that may be present in the drain waste. 
In general, the physical capacity of the trap provides a separation area where relative density differences allow finer solids to settle to the trap floor and less dense FOG’S to rise to the surface.
Normally less contaminated water flows to the outlet drain during periods of intense use.
Floating FOGs are gradually broken down by BUGPOWER_GTM. The resulting liquid free from FOG is then discharged to the sewer.
How to use BUGPOWER_GTM?
The quantity and frequency of BUGPOWER_GTM largely depends on the following factors.
• Climatic temperature within the drain system 
• Flow rates of water
• No of Traps
• Rate of Consumption of the FOG’s in the preparation of the food
• Volumes of the food involved.
Approximate Dose
Dissolve 75 mg BUGPOWER_GTM in 0.75 ml soft water ( free from chlorine). Add 75 mg sugar and keep it aside in a wide mouthed container or preferably with an aerator for every 8 hours/ grease trap.
A trial and error method needs to be done to arrive at the appropriate dose depending on the sample parameters. 
Note : First dose has to 4 times the above recommended dose 
For better results 
A small wall mounted pump and two containers one of BUGPOWER_GTM  and the other of water free from Chlorine may be installed to administer a timely and measured dose after use of detergents and bleaches.
Where can BUGPOWER_GTM be used?
  • Kitchens
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Hostels
  • Food Processing Plants
Shelf Life 
BUGPOWER_GTM is stable for a period of 12 months from the date of manufacturing
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