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Silent Expansive Cracking Agent / Blasting alternative
CRACKOPEN is an eco friendly non-explosive break open agent that can be used in stone quarrying and in demolishing RCC Structures . CRACKOPEN exerts a pressure at the target site and creates a crack without creating any noise/ vibration / ash / toxic gas  
How does it work?
The normal tensile strength of rocky materials is 4-10 MPa and that of concrete is 2-4 MPa. After applying CRACKOPEN to pre drilled holes of target site, it leads to exothermic reaction and hydration. Pressure gets built at target site owing to expansion of CRACKOPEN. Pressure exceeds well over  50 MPa ( (500 kg / cm2 ) which is far more higher than the tensile strength of the targeted stone and concrete thus causing it to crack and open itself without the need of an explosive; in a silent manner without any sound pollution. 
The crack time of CRACKOPEN is  30 minutes to 24 hours after the completion of application. 
The speed of crack opening is determined by the reaction speed which depends on temperature of the work site. Reaction time is shorter at higher temperatures. Reaction time is slower at higher altitudes owing to lower pressure. 
How to use CRACKOPEN?
  • Mix equal ratio of CRACKOPEN and cool water and put the mixture in pre drilled holes at target site
  • Plug the hole with a wooden plug and leave the site until the crack appears owing to pressure 
  • Crack appearance will depend on tensile strength of structure, temperature and altitude 
Where can CRACKOPEN be used?
  • Cutting Rocks for roads 
  • Demolition and removal of concrete structures and rocks where explosion is not permissible. 
  • Pre-splitting, fracture, cut, demolish and removal of rocks 
  • Quarrying and cutting of granite, limestone, marble, sandstone, quartzite 
Shelf Life 
CRACKOPEN is stable for a period of 12 months from the date of manufacturing
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