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Controls Water Evaporation Loss
What is EVASTOP?
EVASTOP is a unique product that minimizes evaporation from the surface of water bodies thereby leading to water conservation and better irrigation practices 
EVASTOP is a blend of natural biosurfactants and fatty alcohols derived from natural vegetable oils that retard evaporation by forming a biofilm over the water body.  
How does it work?
EVASTOP forms a layer over the water surface and prevents water body evaporation by reflecting sunrays and yet able to allow transfer of gases from the pond and allow absorption of Air (Oxygen) into water body 
How to use EVASTOP?
Apply @ 65 mg/m2/day. Results in approx 30 % savings in water loss at 22 Degree Celsius 
Apply @ 50 g/m2/day. Results in approx 30 % savings in water loss at 36 Degree Celsius 
A dispensing technique for applying EVASTOP to water surfaces, consists of barrel tanks with a drip feed arrangement mounted on "Floating Rafts" anchored at different points on the Water Bodies to suit local conditions.
Where can EVASTOP be used?
  • Water Tanks
  •  Lakes
  •  Ponds 
  •  Large Water bodies
Shelf Life 
EVASTOP is stable for a period of 24 months from the date of manufacturing
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