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Biological Oil Spill Treatment 
What is Spillzap?
Spillzap is a unique product comprising of hydrocarbon degrading microbes that helps degrade oil/fuel spills on land/marshes /water bodies /mangroves/wet lands/shore lines. This results in clean and clear target site without traces of hydrocarbons, toxins and pathogens. The added microorganisms are made resistant to naturally occurring toxins or predators in the environment. When SpillZap is used, oil spills slowly disappear from the environment primarily through natural biodegradation, evaporation and oxidation.  
How does it work?
  • When Spillzap is broadcasted over a crude oil or fuel spill on the target site, absorbents in Spillzap immediately begin to soak up the spill and encapsulate it with high efficiency. 
  • Spillzap is designed to absorb oil five times it’s volume. This absorption may take 30 minutes time depending on the thickness of the oil film and the thickness of SpillZap. 
  • A food grade gelling agent present in Spillzap gets activated in water and increases its ability to cleanse oil from the blades of wetland grasses and the roots of mangroves. This takes about 1-2 hours
  • Within hours, the third component of Spillzap, consisting of large numbers of high performance, oil degrading microbes and timed release microbial nutrients begin to diffuse from Spillzap into the oil layer to quickly begin accelerating the natural biodegradation of the contaminant. This process will continue forever as SpillZap possesses the ability to provide ambient conditions for the survival of hydrocarbon degrading microorganisms that are present in it and from the surrounding environment, as long as suitable moisture and the food (Oil) are available and until the hydrocarbon has been reduced to carbon dioxide and water.
  • Microbes present in SpillZap have a broad spectrum of metabolic pathways and are thereby able to degrade complex hydrocarbon chains. 
How to use Spillzap?
Suggested DOSAGE:
A ratio of 1:1 in terms of mass is usually used. For example, if the weight of the spill is estimated to be 1 kg, then the amount of SpillZap that needs to be used is 1 kg.
For Marsh, Mangrove, Wetland and Water Spills:
Apply @ 1-2 kg per 20 mt2 
For Intertidal Zone, Shoreline, Beach and Riverbank
Apply @ 1-2 kg per 10 mt2 
For Dry Land Spills 
If using on a dry land spill, water is to be added periodically to keep the Spillzap/oil matrix wet.  Rainfall, tidal flushing or manual sprinkling with fresh or salt water is acceptable.  If a water spray is used, direct the water into the air so that it falls in an arc on to the Spillzap wetted area like raindrops or mist. 

Suggested Method of Application: 
  • Mix Spillzap 1 Kg in 20 L water and 1 Kg Cow dung and allow for 12 hours with an aerator on. Then spray over the contaminant surface.
  • For even coverage and best results, we recommend application from helicopter, airdrop or shallow boat with powered air blowers to disperse the Spillzap. 
  • Apply Spillzap until it becomes wet with oil but not saturated.  
  • If free oil is still present, apply additional Spillzap until the spill is absorbed.
  • If oil has coated mangrove roots or wetland grasses, tidal action or wave action will assist Spillzap in cleansing root and grass surfaces.
  • Repeat the procedure after about 3 weeks if free oil is still present.
Note : Spillzap contains natural ingredients and naturally derived non-pathogenic microorganisms which utilize only non-living organic matter as a food source.  These microorganisms are not harmful to aquatic or land plants, birds, mammals, animals, humans, insects or benthic organisms 
For better results
  • For best results, a moisture content of 30 to 40% of the soil's holding capacity should be maintained (this equals around 23% for loams). The soil should be kept moist by adding fresh water. 
  • Periodically measure the presence of Ammonia, Nitrates and Phosphates in the water column or from the shoreline runoff.  If the concentration of the N or P falls below 2mg/L or 0.5 mg/L respectively, additional N:P time release fertilizer should be applied.  
  • Measure decreases in petroleum hydrocarbons over time.  When concentration drops to a satisfactory level, discontinue fertilizer and water application. 
  • If tidal flushing or water flow causes the treatment site to become re-oiled or the Spillzap layer is flushed out, re-apply new Spillzap as per the above procedure and application rates. 
Where can SPILLZAP be used?
Any oil /fuel spill site such as 
  • Land
  • Marshes
  • Water bodies
  • Mangroves
  • Wet lands
  • Shore lines
Shelf Life 
SpillZap is stable for a period of 12 months from the date of manufacturing
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