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Poultry - Chicken and egges have become extremely popular over the course of the decade and the consumption pattern seems to be going higher by the year. 
This stress on the poultry industry has resulted in high density poultry farming. High density farming while being economically viable brings with it all problems commonplace with Over-Crowding. 
DVSBIOLIFE™'s range of feed supplements address all nutritional requirements for the livestock. High antibiotic dosing to prevent disease outbreak has resulted in pathogenic bacteria to acquire resistance to the drugs. Probiotics from DVS will assist in revival of beneficial bacteria thereby eliminating growth of pathogens.  
MPM : Methionine producing Microbes generate Methionine that is a unique sulfur-containing amino acid that can be used to build proteins and produce many molecules in the body. These microbes produce anti oxidants that help in boosting immunity.*
NANOFAT-PPUFA(poly unsaturated fatty acids) are essential fatty acids in the nano form for better bio assimilation. it Aids faster digestion, Improves muscle weight, Boosts daily body weight gain, Reduces Skeleton vs Muscle ratio, Improves FCR and meat quality., Encourages more retention of fat soluble Vitamins like A, D3, E and K, Improves absorption of nutrients and alleviates thermal stress.​​
NANOCAL is our go to product specifically designed to increase bone density and assist in proper development of all metabolic functions. Calcium is the most important nutrient for poultry feeds, however, most calcium available in the market are not bio available to the livestock. Nano Cal addresses this by [rpviding calcium in the nano form.
PROGUT-P PROGUT-s is a natural blend of beneficial probiotics that will restore normal gut functionality such as nutrient assimilation, metabolism and proper digestion. An irregular or improper gut results in poor weight gain, increased susceptibility to disease and higher mortality rates. These major issues adversely affecting poultry can be arrested and repaired by the use of this unique probiotics blend PROGUT-P.
TOXINDEGRADE Toxins like Alflatoxin, Citrinin, Fumonisin, Ochratoxin, and Zeralenon are extremely common in large and small scale poultry farms. TOXINDEGRADE™ is equipped with all toxin degrading and binding microbes poviding long term bio security to the live stock.
PROTEASY (Natural Protease Blend): Protease blend comprises of acidic protease, neutral and alkaline protease enzymes that are required for the metabolism of protein thereby building muscle mass. Different areas of the gut length in the chicken is either acidic, alkaline or neutral. This composite blend of protease makes more protein available per feed.
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