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What is UREX?
UREX is a unique product that eliminates odour and stains caused by urine. Urine mainly has proteins and organic substances which are food sources for odour and stain causing bacteria. UREX has microbes and enzymes that act upon these ‘bad bacteria ‘and help you get rid of odour and stains. 
How does it work?
Microbes present in UREX secrete enzymes which break down complex urine proteins into simple nutrients used by UREX microbes. Enzymes enhance this process thereby accelerating the results. 
UREX forms a BIOFILM in the ducts and pipes and tackles all the waste that come into contact.
UREX works throughout the day and night irrespective of factors such as temperature, pH, liquid hardness.   
How to use UREX?
  • Dissolve 25 g / 25 ml UREX in 500 ml water and spray on target area . 
  • UREX has to be sprayed daily on target area.
Where can UREX be used?
  • Public toilets
  • Home toilets
  • Public open urinals
  • Urinals that do not receive continuous water flow 
Shelf Life 
UREX is stable for a period of 12 months from the date of manufacturing
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