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STP 24
What is STP 24 ?
STP 24 is a septic tank additive and contains a synergistic blend of highly advanced and selectively adopted microorganisms, which are naturally occurring, non-genetically engineered; which have been subjected to stringent antibiotic screening; which are designed to provide accelerated degradation of difficult to digest fats, oils, protein, starch, carbohydrates, uric acid, detergents, hydrocarbons, phenols; cotton, plastics, hair, tissue, filters and degrades pathogenic microbes..   
STP-24 is free from Sulfuric Acid, Formalin, BKC which are used conventionally 
Why do you need STP 24 ?
Every day, Human beings over the earth produce more than 6 billion Kg of faecal matter. Fortunately, microbes recycle this into fertilizer which is returned to the biosphere. Unfortunately, some human populations are so dense or some Public Toilet Systems may not provide ambience to microbes that such degradation is very slow causing alarming environmental problems. It is however fortunate that new technologies are now available that have created ways to help microbes work harder.  Now, most human faecal matter is processed in one of several ways viz. in sewage sludge reactors enriched with Biodegrading Products, in septic tanks enriched with Biodegrading Products or spread on soil as fertilizer enriched with Biodegrading Products. STP-24 builds on this technology using microbes to speedup up the process of degradation of the excreta and other Municipal solids  
How does it work ?
  • It works well in both aerobic and anaerobic environments in varying parameters like Hardness, Salinity, pH etc.  over a wide range of targets.
  • Odour: STP-24 doesn’t mask the odour but actually degrades the causal agents of bad odour. It acts as a deodourant by degrading and adsorbing all obnoxious gases like Ammonia, H2S and methane 
  • Metals & TSS: STP-24 binds all the heavy metals and coagulate the suspended solids.
  • STP-24 improves B.O.D and C.O.D ,  C.N ratio and balance the  pH
  • It degrades uric acid , paper, grease and vegetable waste
  • It performs even in the presence of residual medicaments present in the septic system though with  lesser efficiency; which can be overcome by giving over dosage of STP-24
  • It is non corrosive and neutralizes detergent bleach and reduces hardness. 
  • It helps in preventing the pipe blocking.
How to use STP 24 ?
  • Human excreta and STP-24 should be brought into contact with each other in an aqueous medium like waste water to start the  degradation process. 
  • Put one bolus or 60g powder of STP-24 in a septic tank of 10000 L capacity. 
  • The microbes on coming in contact with excreta in the aqueous medium get activated and start degrading the waste.
  • Treatment can be done in batch mode / semi continuous mode / continuous mode 
Note : STP-24 does not contain animal components, animal byproducts, manure or manure byproducts. STP-24 is environmentally safe and is not harmful to animals, plants and human
Where can STP 24 be used ?
  • Composting toilets 
  • Lagoons
  • Municipal compost yards
  • Public toilets
  • Septic systems, 
  • Sewage pits 
  • Vault and pit toilets
Shelf Life 
STP – 24 is stable for a period of 12 months from the date of manufacturing
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