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MSW 365
What is MSW 365?
MSW 365 is a product for treatment of municipal solid waste. The average generation of MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) is about half a kilo /person/ day. This quantum is only bound to increase every year with an increasing population and rapid urbanization which is an alarming situation.  The commonly used management practices include:
• Sanitary landfill,
• Incineration 
• Gasification 
• Anaerobic digestion 
All the above technologies have merits and demerits. The choice of technology has to be made based on the waste, quality, and local conditions. 
The best fit would be to choose the technology based on  
 • Generation of higher power with less waste 
• Least land need
• Low air and land pollution 
• Lowest life cycle cost 
• Scope for maximum volume reduction  
How does it work?
  • The biodegradable organic matter is digested by functional microbes either in specially designed digesters (Anaerobic) or in isolated open yards (Aerobic).
  • These specifically designed microbial products degrade the organic matter such as kitchen waste, vegetable market waste, paper, grass cutting, and yard trimmings (Preferably hydrolyzed Or added with sufficient water or Municipal Sewage Water periodically to monitor a moisture range of about 14%) and during this process the combustible gas such as methane and inert gas such as carbon dioxide are produced.
  • The digestion is usually allowed for 20–30 days.
  • The methane gas can be used to produce power through a biogas engine connected to an electric generator. 
  • The remaining digestate (slurry) is a soil conditioner of good quality and free from pathogens and can be used for agriculture purposes. 
  • With the help of a solid/liquid separator, Organic fertilizer (fit for use after removal of undesired materials such as glass and metals) is obtained and the treated water can be safely used for irrigation.
How to use MSW 365 ?
For Every 1 MT of the biodegradable organic matter obtained after a mechanical segration of the total MSW and after Particle size reduction. 
1. Add 200g MSW-365 for Open Dumps (Aerobic Process) or 250g MSW-365 for Closed reactors (Anarobic Process)
2. Add 1 Kg jaggery  
3. Add sufficient water or municipal sewage water to monitor a moisture range of about 14% (throughout the treatment period of about 20-30 days)    
4. Blend the whole mass 
5. Keep in closed reactors or open dumps. Heap height may be maintained upto 2.5 m.
6. The treatment has to be done in a batch mode only
Note : MSW 365 does not contain animal components, animal byproducts, manure or manure byproducts. MSW 365 is environmentally safe and is not harmful to animals, plants and human
Where can MSW 365 be used ?
In Municipal Land fills, Municipal Solid waste Treatment Plants etc.
Shelf Life 
MSW 365 is stable for a period of 12 months from the date of manufacturing
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