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What is Nandimin?
NandiMin Is a beneficial mineral mixture that assists in the following functions
Achieves better conception rate 
Assures regular oestrus cycles, 
Builds up resistance to diseases
Ensures adequate supply of high quality minerals. 
Ensures increased production. 
Ensures rapid growth. 
improves breeding  efficiency 
Reduces the inter- calving period.
Why use Nandimin?
Since all living beings other than plants cannot generate nutrients inside the body, supplements containing all the nutrients must be taken for the normal functioning of the body.
How does it work?
Trace minerals carry out key functions in relation to many metabolic processes, most notably as catalysts for enzymes and hormones, and are essential for optimum health, growth and productivity. For example, supplementary minerals help ensure good growth, bone development, feathering in birds, hoof, skin and hair quality in mammals, enzyme structure and functions, and appetite. Deficiency of trace minerals affect many metabolic processes and so may be manifested by different symptoms, such as poor growth and appetite, reproductive failures, impaired immune responses, and general ill-thrift.
Where can it be used?
In Cow farms and other Diary farms.
What does Nandimin contain?
Moisture % by mass, Max. (at 60° C under vacuum) 7 %
Calcium % by mass Min. 14 %
Phosphorous % by mass Min. 9 %
Magnesium % by mass Min. 5.0 %
Iron % by mass, Min. 0.4 %
Iodine (as KI) % by mass, Min. 0.026 %
Copper % by mass 0.10 %
Manganese % by mass, Min. 0.12 %
Cobalt % by mass, Min. 0.012 %
Flourine % by mass Max. 0.07 %
Zinc % by mass, Min. 0.80 %
Sulphur % by mass, 1.8 to 3.0 %
Total ash in moisture free sample % by mass, 79 to 85 %
Acid insoluble ash, % by mass, Max. 3.0 %
Lead, mg/kg by mass, Max. 20 mg/kg
Arsenic, mg/kg by mass, Max. 7 mg/kg
Spores of Bacillus anthracis, Clostridium spp Nil
Presence of protenious / organic matter impurities Nil
Note: The values specified for all tests (except moisture) are moisture free basis.
How to use Nandimin?
28 gm/Adult animal in feed or drinking water Or 1-2% in feed
Shelf Life.
12 Months
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