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What is BioFodFort?
BioFodFort is a fortified food supplement for cattle and other large animals that addresses disorders and issues arising due to mineral deficiencies especially trace Minerals.
Why do we need BioFodFort?
Trace minerals are needed to livestock for their regular metabolism, growth, reproduction, performance related to weight gain/ lactation/ egg laying.
Trace minerals have a  low bioavailability.
It is now fully established that only pasture/ green fed cow milk is rich in Omega3. Omega3 is among other things is a precursor for DHA and EPA.
In these circumstances, it is a better concept to try to impart the designed trace mineral composition of the fodder or grains to suit the needs of the livestock
How does it work?
BioFodFort induces desired TM compositions in the green fodder for use in milch cattle which replaces TM supplementation in their concentrated feeds.
Where can BioFodFort be used?
BioFodFort can be used as a food supplement in all cattle feed. 
Shelf life
12 Months
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