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What is DOodhPlus?
DHOODH PLUS !! is a Probiotic complex  based on beneficial strains of animal gut micro organisms, herbal extracts and other natural ingredients. 
DHOODH PLUS !! is a Probiotic complex recommended for optimum lactation of milch animals and also for management of internal chronic problems of gut problems of ruminants.
DHOODH PLUS !! is formulated as an edible  powder. DHOODH PLUS !! mixes well in water and animal feed and therefore easy to consume by animals.
How does it work
DHOODH PLUS !! is dissolved in water or mixed in animal feed and fed to milch animals. The internal gut conditions are favourable for germination of spores and the microbes start growing. With the growth of Probiotic microbes the pH of gut changes to acidic and thus harmful microbes growing in higher pH get suppressed
DHOODH PLUS !! has unique Natural Lactation Optimisers (NLO) unlike other  harmful chemical hormones. Normal chemical lactation boosters like Oxytosin (injected to udders for faster secretion) are very harmful to milch animals. Whereas, DHOODH PLUS !! being a natural Probiotic and herbal complex product having NLO  makes the gut environment and over all body constitution to produce and secrete optimum quantity of milk.   
DHOODH PLUS !! being a Probiotic and herbal product starts acting within a week of regular intake by optimizing the internal gut environment.
Why use Doodhplus?
Milk is the mother of all foods. New borne child is fed on mother’s milk and later on cow / animal milk . Milk is complete healthy food and has antibodies that fight many diseases. Milk has absorbable calcium, protein and carbohydrates which are critical nutrients for human beings.
Though the Animal is able to produce optimum of quantity of milk in the system,  secretion of Milk determining the harvest depends on the mood of animal, external environment, internal ability for production etc.  Even if the Animal has produced Milk, it need not secrete the same for us to harvest !!. Many farmers resort to injecting very harmful chemical substances like Oxytosin to udders to “facilitate” secretion. Indeed – these chemicals make the udders secrete the milk – however negating the rules of nature.
If we can make the Animal feed better, absorb the feed better and reduce ANFs – the production and secretion of Milk will be automatically better. And if we do this is natural way by using the microbes and herbal extracts that are ‘Pro” to animals so much the better. Agents / Microbes that are Pro to Biotics are called ProBiotics.
Identifying and making use of ProBiotics is the “Kind” way of helping animal produce and secrete optimum quantity  of Milk.
What does it contain?
A unique mix of beneficial lactation enhancing probiotics.
Where can it be used?
For all lactating and non lactating animals.
How to use Doodhplus?
For Lactating Animals
DHOODH PLUS !! is recommended at 15 Grams per Milch Animal per day with water or feed.
For Management of Summer Shock
Lactation drops drastically in early summer. The days when the temperature goes from 35 – 40 degrees C, the yield of milk goes down drastically due to Summer Shock. DHOODH PLUS !! is recommended at 15 Grams per Milch Animal per day on alternate days with water or feed.
For Non Lactating Animals
Gut environment is critical for maintenance and growth of beneficial microbes. The pH factor of Gut is very important. This is even critical at non lactating stages because the presence of beneficial microbes in this period help Gut environment to be ProBiotic. DHOODH PLUS !! 
recommended at 5 Grams per non -Animal on alternate days with water or feed.
Shelf Life
12 Months
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