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Calci D3
Calcium Fortifier
What is Calci D3?
Calci D3 is free flowing powder, containing a high level of calcium as well as magnesium, phosphate, phosphatase enzyme and Vitamin D3. It is for use in dairy cows at risk of developing milk fever around the calving period. Calci D3 can also be used following successful treatment of milk fever by calcium injection to help maintain normal calcium balance.
Why do we need to use Calci D3?

It has been found that among many factors considered for determining the storage, utilisation, bioavailability of calcium in calcium supplements the one that is most important is the other dietary ingredients included in it (this factor is even more important than the calcium salt’s aqueous solubility
How does it work?
The calcium is released into the blood of the animal for up to 48 hours. The calcium chloride provides an immediate surge of calcium, followed by the more sustained release of calcium provided by the calcium phosphate and calcium sulphate 
Calci D3 also releases phosphate, magnesium and Vitamin D3 which encourage normal blood levels and aid in the animal’s calcium control.
Calci D3 also has an acidifying effect, much like a DCAD diet has, which helps the cow to mobilise her own calcium reserves. 
Phosphatase Enzyme increases absorption of Phosphorous which binds with Calcium 
What does it contain?

• Calcium chloride (fast release Calcium)
• Calcium Carbonate (slow release Calcium)
• Di Calcium phosphate (slow release Calcium and Phosphorous)
• Magnesium (supports magnesium levels)
• Tri Sodium Phosphate (supports phosphate levels)
• Phosphatase (improves absorption of Calcium and Phosphorous)
• Vitamin D3 (aids calcium absorption from the gut)

Each 200g provides:

43g Calcium
5g Magnesium
3g Phosphorus
5000iu Phosphatase     
100,000iu Vitamin D3
Where can Calci D3 Be used?
To be used in dairy cows at risk of developing hypocalcaemia (milk fever) – especially high yielding, multi-parous dairy cows and those with a history of developing the condition.
Calci D3 also helps in prevention of fractures and osteoporosis and in bone healing following a fracture and prevention of bone loss
Calci D3 also assists in increasing body weight & in accelerating the  growth rate of Calves.
How to use Cakci D3?
Administer Calci D3 in Feed.
For Better Nutrition:
15 g/ adult animal/day
For reduction of milk fever:
200g/adult animal at the first signs of parturition to provide sustained calcium levels for up to 48 hours.
If necessary repeat with a second dose 24 hours after administration of the first dose, for high risk cows (Provided that cows can raise their head and are starting to eat and drink).

For supplementation following calcium injection:
Give 200 g/adult animal 2-3 hours after calcium injection. Repeat with a second dose 24 hours later if necessary.

Calci D3 must not be given to animals with clinical signs of milk fever as the swallowing reflex may be impaired. Do not give Calci D3 to a down cow (paresis). 

Store at max. 30°C. 
Keep out of reach and sight of children.
Animal Feed Supplement
For animal Use only
Not for use in Human.
This is not a medicine. 
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