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What is Mastitiscare?
Mastitiscare is an alternative treatment to treat the disease of Mastitis in Cows and buffaloes. Its is a Propreitory blend of Minerals like Selenium, Nisin producing L. lactis, Lacticin producing L. lactis, Amino acids like Valine and Lysine, Organic acids like Tartaric acid, vitamins like Ascorbic acid and E, and Probiotics like L. fermentum and L. salivarius 
How does it work?
The enzymes and metabolites secreted by this probiotic supplement deactivate the Inflammation causing bacterial agents. Vitamins and Minerals provide necessary protection from inflammation causing aganets.
Why to use Mastitiscare?
A strong drive by many Governments towards reducing antibiotic residues in animal food products has necessitated and established the need in finding alternatives to antimicrobial agents.
How to use Mastitiscare?
50gm for 4 days as electuary per animal
1-2 g/ animal in water as paste externally applied to the udder, teats and surrounding parts and the ground where that cattle lie down, preferably by spray thrice a day
Shelf Life
12 Months
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