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What is NANOFAT™?

NANOFAT-P™ is a nutrition supplement meant to obtain adequate fat assimilation by the live stock. Fat is meant to provide rich texture and superior quality of the harvested produce. Poultry and Foul are traditionally lean meat. However, essential fats in poultry and foul have immense nutritional value. NANOFAT-P™ is catered to poultry farmers who are looking to increase the fat to fibre content in the harvest.
  • Nano Technology.
  • PUFA ionization.
  • Colloidization of amino acids.
  • Embedding nano particles of ionized PUFA in the matrices of colloidal amino acids.
  • employing a biopolymer.Bio

  • Aids faster digestion.
  • Improves muscle weight.
  • Boosts daily body weight gain.
  • Reduces Skeleton vs Muscle ratio.
  • Improves FCR and meat quality.
  • Encourages more retention of fat soluble Vitamins like A, D3, E and K
  • Improves absorption of nutrients and alleviates thermal stress.​​
What does NANOFAT™  Contain?
NANOFAT™ is made of Ionized nano particles of poly unsaturated fatty acids embedded in matrices of amino acids in colloidal form and then bio encapsulated for use in Shrimp and Fish nutrition.
How to use NANOFAT™?
In Poultry: 2 liters / 1 metric ton of feed.
In Aquaculture: 10 ml/kg feed once in a week
In Cattle: 5 ml per Animal per day. 
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