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Methionine producing microbes are essential microbial nutrients that help in producing Methionine.

Methionine is an amino acid. Amino acids are the building blocks that our bodies use to make proteins. Methionine is found in meat, fish, and dairy products. It plays an important role in the many functions within the body.


NANOFAT-P™ is a nutrition supplement meant to obtain adequate fat assimilation by the live stock. Fat is meant to provide rich texture and superior quality of the harvested produce. Poultry and Foul are traditionally lean meat. However, essential fats in poultry and foul have immense nutritional value. NANOFAT-P™ is catered to poultry farmers who are looking to increase the fat to fibre content in the harvest.


  • Nano Technology.

  • PUFA ionization.

  • Colloidization of amino acids.

  • Embedding nano particles of ionized PUFA in the matrices of colloidal amino acids.

  • employing a biopolymer.Bio


PROGUT-P is a natural blend of beneficial probiotics that will restore normal gut functionality such as nutrient assimilation, metabolism and proper digestion. An irregular or improper gut results in poor weight gain, increased susceptibility to disease and higher mortality rates. These major issues adversely affecting poultry can be arrested and repaired by the use of this unique probiotics blend PROGUT-P.



NANOCAL is a suspension, containing a high level of nano calcium and Vitamin D3​

  • Builds resistance to disease

  • Completely water soluble formulation 

  • Cures Rickets and Osteomalacia and corrects Hypocalcemia. 

  • Effectively combats summer stress. 

  • Helps considerably in eliminating egg binding in hen 

  • Helps to produce strong and top quality Egg shell. 

  • Improves feed utilization. 

  • Improves skeletal growth. 

  • Increases egg production. 

  • Reduces Egg breakage 

  • Reduces thin shelled eggs 

  • Totally Bio-available

nanocal (1).png

In order to improve FCR and daily body weight gain, livestock should either have the ability to produce protease by way of its innate microflora, or protease supplement is added to the feed.

PROTEASY blend of essential protease enzymes is unique since it considers the gut length, gut transit time, and pH at each phase.

PROTEASY is a mix of acidic, alkaline, and neutral protease in the right proportions.



Any animal feeding stuff will invariably contain toxins because several microbes like fungi and bacteria might have affected the feeding stuff during harvest and during further processing. 

Also, higher moisture content post formulation of  such feed is always susceptible to further contamination by fungi and pathogenic bacteria that may increase the toxin content in the feed.

Hitherto, toxin binders are commonly employed to attend to this problem which not only binds the toxins but also, the minerals and the vitamins that are present in the field 

TOXINDEGRADE is unique as it will break down the toxins to basic elements in such a way that such elements serve as nutrients to the animals further enriching the feed and as this product does not bind any other minerals or vitamins, TOXINDEGRADE is more viable.

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