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\What is PROGUT-P?
PROGUT-P is a natural blend of beneficial probiotics that will restore normal gut functionality such as nutrient assimilation, metabolism and proper digestion. An irregular or improper gut results in poor weight gain, increased susceptibility to disease and higher mortality rates. These major issues adversely affecting poultry can be arrested and repaired by the use of this unique probiotics blend PROGUT-P.
How does it work?
Approaches are made in this product with naturally occurring microbes capable of filling specific niches within the rumen (for example, detoxification of compounds such as alkaloids, oxalates, tannins, or mycotoxins). 
Also inhibition of lactic acidosis is targeted in this product by lactic utilizing bacteria 
Unique organisms engineered to secrete essential amino acids or growth factors are added in this product.
A bacterium to improve fiber digestion in the rumen has also been included. 
How to use PROGUT-P?
Poultry: 750g / Ton Feed once in a fortnight
Fish: 500g/ Ton of Feed once in a fortnight.
Prawn: 2-5 g/ Kg Feed once in a week
Cattle: 28g per adult animal once in a week 
Where can PROGUT-P be used?
PROGUT-P can be used in most Aquaculture ponds, poultry and cattle. It can work as a treatment program where gut associated problems have already been diagnosed.
Shelf Life 
6  months from the date of Manufacture
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