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SomGuardTM is an eco friendly, non toxic, universal disinfectant and biocide. It eliminates all types of pathogenic yeasts, moulds, fungi amoeba, bacteria, and virus.
SomGuardTM as a biocide and universal disinfectant has multiple applications in many sectors as varied as food processing , aquaculture , agriculture , floriculture, poultry, food & beverages , pharmaceuticals , hospitals , hospitality and many more sectors where disinfection and microbe load elimination plays an integral role for quality output in terms of a product / service.
Continuous use of antibiotics as growth promoters leave high antibiotic residue on animal tissue, consumption of this poultry products would result in antibiotic resistance
Strict control against antibiotic use in animal feeding in the past few years has made banning of using antibiotics as growth promoters from 2006 in the European Community (CE 1831/2003). The rest of the world will implement similar Laws soon.
  • Somguard has an oligo-dynamic, stable and long lasting effect.
  • SomGuard is completely bio-degradable and quickly eliminates micro-organisms thereby making it a safe, convenient and easy to use product that leaves no residues.
What does it contain?
Somguard contains ionized silver encapsulated with a bio-polymer and of size 400-700 nm
How does SOMGUARD work?
  • The bio-polymer encapsulation prevents any form of oxidation that would otherwise convert silver into a compound leaving it ineffective against microbes. 
  • Nano silver ions bind to the molecular components of the microbial cell and further deactivate the metabolic system and inhibit further reproduction of the microbe eventually killing it.
  • Traces of silver remain on the sterilized surface that are not visible and non -toxic but actively check any further microbial resurgence and germination.
Where can we use SOMGUARD?
  • To improve the water quality and to make sure the livestock and poultry's drinking water meet the standard.
  • Somguard can be used to prevent and cure livestock and poultry's intestinal disease effectively.
How to use SOMGUARD?
SomGuard has many uses and the method of Usage depends on what it is being used for. Listed below are the most common methods of usage
Drinking water : 1ml/ 10-40 L
Cage and Equipment disinfection  : 1 ml/1-4 L by soaking or spraying
Animal shed surrounding disinfection : 1 ml/ 2.5-10 L by spray.
Litter disinfection : 2.5 ml/ 1-4 L by spray.
AS A SPRAY FUMIGANT / IAQ (INDOOR AIR QUALITY):  Use 30 ml of SOMGUARD with 970 ml. of water for 1500 sq ft. 
The facility can be totally sterile in just 30 to 60 minutes time (using ultra low volume sprayer).
Usage in Animal Feeds: 40 ml/MT Feed regularly.
Shelf life?
SomGuard is stable for a period of 12 months from the date of manufacturing.
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