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Bio-Solution for Necrotic Enteritis 


What is CLOSTEX?

CLOSTEX is the ultimate solution for decreasing production losses due to necrotic enteritis. Our unique natural microbial blend treats Necrotic enteritis from the roots thereby ensuring no recurrence of this disease. CLOSTEX is the first health product to be categorized as a DFM, specifically targeted against Clostridial infections in broilers.

Salient features of CLOSTEX

  • Compatible in an AGP free program.

  • Compatible with organic acids and coccidiostats.

  • Improves profit margin through better live weight gain and feed conversion. 

  • Maintains a balanced gastrointestinal tract, allowing more effective nutrient absorption. 

  • Stable in feed and premixes and is heat stable upon pelleting. 

  • Targeted activity against Clostridium perfringens. 


Why use CLOSTEX?

Necrotic enteritis is an acute enterotoxemia. The clinical illness is usually very short and often the only signs are a sudden increase in mortality. The disease primarily affects broiler chickens (2-5 wk old) and turkeys (7-12 wk old) raised on litter but can also affect commercial layer pullets raised in cages. 

Necrotic enteritis is a widespread problem in the poultry industry and is known to seriously affect the performance of the birds resulting in diminshed profits.

Conventional treatments include use of broad spectrum antibiotics that are in nature very toxic for the bird and can also affect the consumer adversely. 

What does it contain?

Bacillus subtilis, Clostridium butyricum, B. cereus var. toyoi, Bacillus lechiniformis, Enterococcus, Pediococcus, Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, Prebiotics and MOS are some of the tools employed in CLOSTEX.


How does it work?

As is well known, probiotics lead to an optimised gut flora balance, having a direct effect of reducing some gram positive bacteria such as Clostridia and other pathogenic bacteria.

CLOSTEX contains unique strains of various beneficial microbes. CLOSTEX inhibits the proliferation of Clostridium.

As CLOSTEX passes through the gastro intestinal tract it modulates the microbial balance and inhibits the proliferation of Clostridium perfrigens in the small intestines. 

CLOSTEX sanitizes the gastrointestinal tract and has demonstrated a reduction of Clostridium levels.

Where can we use CLOSTEX?

It can be used in poultry farms, small medium or large scale wherever the symptoms of Necroic enteritis or the diagnosis of the same has been established.

How to use CLOSTEX?


@ 100 g/ MT Feed Preventive

@ 200g/ MT Feed curative for 3 days.


12 Months from the date of manufacture.

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