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What is TICKOFF?
Ticks are ectoparasites which live on the blood of mammals, birds, and occasionally on reptiles and amphibians. They attach themselves to the host’s skin and start feeding on the host through its feeding tube. They are vectors of a number of diseases causing anemia, paralysis and even death. 
Tick infestation is difficult to detect unless thousands attach themselves to the animal ultimately making eradication difficult . Conventional methods using heat shocks and chemicals adversely impact the animal and environment.
TICKOFF is a unique product that controls ticks using bio-control agents  that pathogenise ticks without harming the animal/environment. 
How does it work?
TICKOFF contains microbes that start pathogenising the ticks within 6-10 hours after dusting the animal with TICKOFF. It also kills the eggs apart from the ticks.
How to use TICKOFF?
  • Dilute equal amounts of TICKOFF and Chalk powder or Calcite powder and dust on the bodies of the animals.
  • Dust TICKOFF liberally on animal resting places.
  • Clear the area of leaves and other organic clutter to provide a less hospitable place for female ticks to deposit their eggs.
  • Do not use disinfectants or sanitizers in Shampoos and soaps which may kill the microbes that are present in TICKOFF.
  • Do not use Antibiotics in feed.
Note: TICKOFF must not be applied near beehives or where bees are actively hunting for food
Where can TICKOFF be used ?
Animals affected by ticks: domestic animals , pets , birds 
Shelf Life 
TICKOFF is stable for a period of 12 months from the date of manufacturing
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