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Wet litter management solution


BIOODONIL/LITTERMANAGEBIO is a multi-purpose biological probiotic + Enzyme blend that addresses the burgeoning issues with managing wet litter.

Bio-Odonil is used as both, a feed supplement, and as a litter treatment product to treat wet litter. 

Application of BIOODONIL to wet litter converts existing litter into useful nutrient enriched organic fertilizer.

As a food supplement the useful probiotic blend addresses anti nutritional factors in the feed and re-establishes essential Gut bacteria ensuring lower moisture and ammonia levels in the excreta.



One Kg litter is produced by a broiler in one production cycle and 0.048 Kg dry matter / day or 36 Kg wet weight / year is voided by a layer as droppings.

On an average about 5 Million tons of Poultry Manure is produced annually.

Industrial poultry wet litter cause Ground water and stream contamination from runoff at the waste sites and also cause soil contamination, particularly for agricultural purposes, resulting from the large volume of waste generated.

What does it contain?

Biodonil is a consortium of useful microbes and enzymes, many naturally occurring gas adsorbents, Nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria and purple sulphur reducing bacteria .

To name a few we have

Trichoderma reesei, Betaine, Urease, Protease and xylanase enzymes, Nitrosomonas, Nitrobacter, Thiobacillus ferroxidans, Activated Carbon, Activated HSAS, Saponins from Yucca Extract, Saponins from Methi Extract etc. 


B. Nitrosomonas converts Ammonia into Nitrite.

B. Nitrobacter Converts Nitrite into Nitrate.

Thiobacillus ferroxidans degrades H2S.

Activated Carbon, Activated HSAS, Yucca Extract and Methi Extract absorb the Gases.

Protease, Urease enzymes converts the Ammonical Nitrogen into free Amino Acids.

Xylanase enzyme target fibres of plant cell walls called non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs), which reduce nutrient availability, by increasing gut viscosity or caging nutrients within cell walls. It also improves gut health by digesting anti-nutrients and providing nutrients that promote a beneficial gut flora.

LITTERMANAGEBIO targets the ANF, Non-starch Polysacharides;  and for this reason, LITTERMANAGEBIO has shown highly positive results in both enhancement of performance and reduction of excreta volume and moisture.


Broadcast over the litter @ 2g/ sq m of 20 cm height heap by mixing in wet sand or Calcium Carbonate of suitable quantity once in 15 Days.

LITTERMANAGEBIO as a feed supplement recommended as follows.

Preventive: 500 g Per MT once in 15 days.

Curative: 1 Kg per MT for three consecutive days.


Any cattle or poultry farm (large scale. Small scale) where, litter management by mechanical means is tedious and expensive. 


Shelf life?

1 year from the date of manufacture

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