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PRAWNSEEDCARE™ is a formulation designed with probiotics, feed supplement, nano nutrients and minerals for the survival of prawn seed. 
Most prawn/shrimp hatcheries show very less concern for the viability and the survivability of the prawn seed as most farmers prioritize economics over quality. 
Seedlings acquired from hatcheries are also not equiped with adequate nutrients and feed to last the rough transport to the aquaculture destination.
PRAWNSEDCARE bridges this issue and prevents the high mortality of seedlings by enforcing the feed with the right macro and micro nutrients and feed supplement so they can develop from seedling to larvae.
Shrimp survival rate depends on many factors like genetics, hatchery management, larval diets, proper administration of seed to pond conditions, pond bottonpreparation, environmental criteria, epidemics, stocking densities etc.
PRAWNSEEDCARE™ unique formula addresses all above issues ensuring least mortality of seedlings during the transport to farm pond upto larval stage of the livestock.

What does PRAWNSEEDCARE™  Contain?
  1. Colloidal silver, an intelligent biocide which targets alkali pH loving pathogens including virus while promoting acidic pH loving beneficial microbes.
  2. Gut microflora
  3. Immune modulators like 1,3/1,6 beta glucons, Mannon oligo sachharides
  4. Hepatoprotectors like Eclipta Alba, Swetia chirraita, Bhumyamlaka
  5. Stress busters like Ascorbic acid, Citric acid, 
  6. Electrolytes like Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride
  7. Anti virals like Tulsi Extract
  8. Osmo regulators like Betaine
  9. Dextrose
  10. Protein hydrolysates
  11. Colloidal Minerals
1 ml per 1000 seedlings while packing at the hatcheries

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