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What is STAYBLUE™?
Ponds have a natural tendency toward eutrophication. That is, a pond that starts out as clean, clear and well aerated will later become clogged with weeds and algae and will exhibit low dissolved oxygen. This is especially true of small ponds where the outflow is limited and the water is not circulating. When they get to this stage, your water feature becomes a real eyesore rather than a focal point of your grounds.
Stayblue colors and shades the water. The colorants aqua-culturists most often select are blue and black. Blue dyes work well in water 3 or more feet deep and are not commonly used or recommended in shallow ornamental ponds. In shallow ponds, one should use black, vegetable-based colorants to create the illusion of depth while inhibiting light penetration. One can add them to small and shallow ornamental pools or to larger bodies of water with limited outflow. Typically, their effectiveness lasts a month and does not cause any cumulative environmental damage. Once dispersed in the water, the colorants cause no restrictions on swimming, fishing or irrigating.
In shallow ponds, a colorant  increases the reflectivity of the water, creating the illusion of greater depth. In addition, it reduces the penetration of sunlight.
What does STAYBLUE™  Contain?
BRILLIANT BLUE      :  40.47%
TURKISH BLUE         :  11.05%
PATENT BLUE           :  4.15%
ACID YELLOW          :  4.49%
NATURAL BLACK     :   1.13%
ADJUVANT                :   33.19%
How to use STAYBLUE™?
Each STAYBLUE packet will treat 1 acre of water 1 foot deep. So, for an acre size pond with an average depth of 4 feet, 4 packets will be needed.
Color intensity can be increased by adding more packets as desired. 
Maintenance applications are recommended every 30 days depending on rainfall and other conditions.

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