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What is OXYRICH™?

Oxygen exerts considerable effect on the survival, growth and production of aquatic animals. Oxygen saturation in ponds also impact feed intake and metabolism.

Shrimp spend most of the time at the pond bottom with low levels of DO (Dissolved Oxygen). This can cause stunted growth, higher susceptibility to diseases, malnutrition and even immediate mortality.

OXYRICH is a blend of several products designed to work at extreme pH and Temperature levels.

What does OXYRICH™  Contain?
Sodium Perborate, Coated Sodium Percarbonate, EDTA, Titanium Di Oxide and Other Suitable Stabilisers
How to use OXYRICH ™?
Preventive: 250g/ Acre initially and thereafter 50g/ Acre alternate day
Curative: 1 Kg / Acre for three days.

For control of anaerobic microorganisms and to improve D.O. and to control BOD and COD in Aqua Ponds :
1 Kg per Acre once a week in Aquaculture ponds


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